A45E1DEE-C490-4D30-AB6B-11FEC51B9F12Having been lost in nothingness more often than not, I have always found my rescue in Nirvana and Kurt Cobain! Some might say he is the antithesis of strength and courage because he killed himself. But the music that they created, the songs he wrote, the magic that they are has always helped me on a rainy day. When I feel lost and come to believe that there is nothing worthy enough of my being, Nirvana has been a pillar of strength for me. Their music does to me exactly what their name suggests and not only that, it also helps me be a person who is confident in their own skin without inhibitions. They teach me that if you are not like others and you are different, it’s a beautiful thing and you must go on with it for you are special just the way you are and it is bound to take you far because it’s your truth that creates a life of beauty, a life of strength and a life worth living ! 


#Nirvana #KurtCobainForever


First blog post

What am I passionate about, my therapist asked me and I had no answer, not because I was not passionate, but because I had let my passion rot and done nothing about it. I was embarrassed to answer that question with my answer which was ‘Writing’ because I was unaware if I was capable of writing anymore. Since that day, I have strived hard to write everyday because it makes me a better human, it makes me feel like I have a purpose. I want to touch lives by writing pieces the way writing touches mine.